Taking a taxi or riding the subway can be one way to experience the Big Apple. But if you want to ride in comfort and elegance, you need quality transportation with clean, modern vehicles. At Ready To Roll, we’re here to provide you with the finest ride possible. With our luxury car service in Manhattan, you won’t have to fight traffic or push your way into a subway car in order to get your destination. If you have a business meeting, or you’re just in town for vacation, our expert staff will take care of all your transportation needs.

Our chauffeurs are rigorously trained in driving skills, as well as the best methods of customer service and courtesy. Every vehicle comes equipped with complimentary WiFi, because we know how important connectivity is to you. You may have to change an appointment en route and can’t wait until you arrive to make adjustments to your schedule. Each car comes stocked with the latest business or designer magazines, water, and any amenity of your choice.

Reserving your luxury car service in Manhattan is easy. Simply visit our Contact┬ápage and you can book your transportation services. We offer our services to clients from around the world, so if you’re flying in from London, we’ll have a car waiting for you at the airport. You deserve a comfortable ride when you’re in New York City. Don’t leave your travel plans to chance – contact Ready To Roll today and we’ll take care of every detail.